Friday, November 18, 2011

lauren & john are married!

I still cannot believe their day got here as fast as it did.  These people... it's just hard to describe how wonderful they are.  Lauren and I started on the very same day at our current jobs, and she was one of my very first friends here.  But my favorite, favorite part of their entire day was when we were all dancing and Lauren asked Megan what time it was.  When Megan said it was 10:00, Lauren said, "Oh good, last song!" I know too many brides who are just aching for that wedding day - for all the planning and the dress and the cake and the bachelorette party.  It's understandable, because we're all bridesmaids at least a handful of times before we get the white dress.  But Lauren was ready for the marriage.  These two could not be more perfect for one another, and it was such a joy to share in their day!

(Hang in there, it's a long post!)

Modern bride with her iPhone.  I love it.

I love that some of these turned out looking like they were shot on film.  I am WAY not gifted enough for film, but I can make it look like I am!

Passion was in charge of the super cute guestbook!  She took pictures of everyone on Polaroids, and then everyone pasted their pictures in the book with a message for the bride and groom!  (Some of us cheated and took two so we could keep one.)

John's mama made jam for everyone!  I adore this gift.

This guy sang Frank Sinatra songs ALL during dinner.  He sounded marvelous, and I may or may not have sung along loudly to "New York, New York."  Ok, I did.

I love that Texas Caesar salad comes with corn.  It's so much better!

Megan quite literally hearts me.

Isn't John's cake phenomenal?!?  It's the Texas A&M class ring!

They're on their honeymoon in Belize right now, and Lauren checked in to say she's having a fabulous time!  And I'm sure it's eight million degrees warmer than it is here.  Love you two!


Anonymous said...

Lauren!! These are amazing!! I've passed them on to my family as well! :-)

Lauren said...

Ps that was me(Lauren!)

Mind-o! said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! These pics are great - love the pics with the sparklers!

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