Thursday, January 6, 2011

NYE in NYC: the final countdown!

So, here's where it gets interesting (ok, it was already interesting, but this part includes boy bands in their forties and a whole lotta dancing, so if you were excited before...)

We finally made it to the last six hours!  Frat glasses necessary.

Molls and Bax Attax getting pumped to stand and cheer for another 3/4 of a workday (that was my perspective on the fact that there were six hours left.  Someone rescue me from the real world).

Aaaand, here's another one of Grant, because he was standing right there and why not?

New friends Hannah, Erica, and Zach!  We are so excited to have them come visit us in DC sometime!


Sorority squattin' like it's my job.

Their friendship, in a nutshell.

Katy and Baxter look a little bit married in this picture.  Maybe that's because someone had just gotten married in Times Square.  But it's probably because it was cold and they're friends.

Speaking of Baxter, it's a little bit hard to explain how hardcore he is.  I mean, a little bit more than gangsta.  And he knows his song lyrics.  You need proof?  Oh, ok...

Baxter is 6'6".  Zach is about 5'7".  So this was fun.

I just adore her!

Our precious real life couple!  Sean took some AMAZING pictures... between him and Hannah and Baxter, we had some talented photographers in our group!

If you're breaking out in a cold sweat and thinking about tying up your t-shirt with a scrunchie right now, it's because that's the New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys on that screen.  Performing together.  To all your faves.  And you are not alone.

Here, go ahead and get your side pony on!

First confetti spotting!

I really like that Katy is kinda comin' atcha in this picture, because most of the time, her voice and her dance moves actually are.  And I'm a big fan.  Homegirl needs to move to New York like yesterday.

And then Grant and I spent some time resting our feet by sitting, and oh. my. goodness.  Homeslice does the most RIDICULOUS impression of Dick Clark!  If you don't watch any of the other videos, watch this one.  But not if you have to pee real bad, because you might lose it.

Plase don't hate me.  You are just adorbs!

We were really, really anxious to get these little Nivea balloons passed back to us until we actually had them.  And then they were a hassle and we were relieved when they popped.

No glasses!  And you are beautiful!  (Promise.)


And then Ke$ha came back for a third performance... like a really bad case of lice that you just can't help but dance to.  Enjoy (and my apologies for her language.  Like I said.  Lice).

Cutie patooties!

More confetti!  And we are getting so close!

Grant's watch is even changing from "31" to "1"!



Complete with fireworks over the river!  SO awesome!

Singing Auld Lang Syne at the very, very, very Braveheart-ish (thanks, Grant) top of our lungs!

Aaaaaand then Katie's glasses broke, but they had served her well.

The aftermath, and the sewer-stopping confetti I promised.  Public Works's nightmare is the best night of your life.

I'm serious, people.  Put it on your list of life to-dos IMMEDIATELY.  It will hurt and you'll have to go to the bathroom real bad, but in 48 hours, you will forget all that and just remember how magical it felt to be at the center of the world ringing in a brand new year.

Aaaaaand then... we went out to eat!  No, I am not kidding.  Stop it.  We really did.  We got on the subway and everything.  Like sardines.  Worth it!  But you'll have to come back tomorrow...

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